Working with the Oracle Product Group for CPQ

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Working with the Oracle Product Group for CPQ

Many of the major projects we are currently working on involve the implementation of Oracle CPQ and Subscription Management Cloud (SMC). We are always at the forefront of the evolution of the products we work with, and due to our CPQ and SMC specialism as a niche Systems Integration partner, we are often part of great conversations that allow us to make suggestions to the Oracle Product Group to position for future success. To be a trusted advisor to such a big technology vendor is a true honour. There are many brilliant people that we work with at Oracle but today we want to call out the Oracle CPQ and Subscription Management Product Group, who work tirelessly to make their products stand out even more.

Recently, their Senior Principal Product Manager, Graham McInnes, gave us some exceptional praise for which we are also very thankful. He said, “Walpole is one of our key SI partners for CX implementations in Europe. They have a remarkably pragmatic approach and have never failed to deliver a project.” It’s amazing to have such an endorsement from someone who is at the very heart of sharing the developments of Oracle CPQ and Subscription Management Cloud, and we want to thank him for his hard work on raising the profile of these highly value-adding product solutions.

Thanks also go to Ben GabrielsonEllen Beres, Eswar Vadya, Mayank GandhiEkta PaliwalElsa AlvesDavid HatcherHarsh Kumar and Tatyana Bendersky.

If you want to find out more about Walpole Partnership’s status as an Oracle Partner and how we work with Oracle, let’s talk.

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