Working with Seaforth Analytical Services

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Working with Seaforth Analytical Services

We’ve recently joined forces with Seaforth Analytical Services to work on several of our projects where we’re utilising Seaforth’s expertise in Analytics and Business Intelligence. Seaforth has developed a specific toolset to deliver insight, improved decision making and cost savings which enables Walpole Partnership to implement intelligent and flexible input forms that allow for easy data transfer and calibration.

Eddie McGeachie, Managing Director of Seaforth Analytical Services, said, “I am happy that Seaforth is connected to Walpole Partnership to leverage how we move from data capture to full blown analytics and business intelligence within the shortest possible turnaround time.”

Ingmar Hermans, CPQ Partner Consultant at Walpole Partnership, said, “Through our vast network of connections we are grateful to have access to the niche data-driven expertise that Seaforth is providing us and our clients. Their consultancy complements our unique value and benefit in bespoke Cloud implementation projects that we are currently working on.”

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