Working with Miraclon Corporation

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As we are fast approaching the 3-year mark of working with Miraclon Corporation, we are excited to be able to share an update with you on this significant relationship. 

Our Senior Managing Partner, Ingmar Hermans, has been providing Miraclon with strategic consultancy relating to an overhaul of Salesforce Sales Cloud & CPQ. 

As Miraclon’s Global Commercial Operations Director, Ariane Bresse-Bickley, said, “We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and energy that Ingmar has invested in Miraclon. The completed work has unlocked considerable value for the Regional Business Managers (based around the world) as it drives more accuracy and shorter cycle times for the opportunity-to-quote process.” 

In addition to the work Ingmar has done, Walpole Partnership has also facilitated the application of Seaforth Analytical Services Limited’s expertise in Analytics and Business Intelligence, thanks to Eddie McGeachie and Yuri Sukharevsky. The combined effort has resulted in Consumables Forecasting accuracy for the third year in a row and has now been turned into a regular recurring standardised process. 

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