Working with CPQ vendor Elfsquad

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elfsquad CPQ

Walpole Partnership has recently become an implementation partner of CPQ vendor, Elfsquad.

Elfsquad and Walpole Partnership are a great match as both companies want to provide value to customers in everything they do, avoid surprises along the way of technology adoption and they endeavour to make customers self-sufficient in the shortest possible time frame. Ultimately, the end goal for both organisations is to help drive transformation by future-proofing sales processes and standardisation with CPQ.

Walpole Partnership’s Senior Managing Partner Consultant, Ingmar Hermans, said, “As well as having a very strong alignment of values with Elfsquad, Walpole Partnership brings its wealth of CPQ implementation experience to leverage the new and innovative Elfsquad CPQ technology for all our joint customers.”

Jildou Kracht, Partner Manager of Elfsquad, is really excited about this new partnership, and said, “Implementing CPQ can greatly impact a company’s business processes. With experienced partners like Walpole, our customer receives the best support for their CPQ implementation. We are really happy to have Walpole Partnership onboard!”

Come and talk to us about Elfsquad’s CPQ technology.

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