Working with Corplex

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The team at Walpole Partnership has been working with Corplex, a leading manufacturer of reusable plastic solutions for the packaging and container industry. 

We’ve particularly enjoyed engaging with the Corplex project team during the discovery workshops in Colmar, France. As part of our few days together, a significant breakthrough was made focusing on the end-to-end process build up, in and around the quote-to-order process, along with harmonisation of the Corplex data model. 

Walpole Partnership’s agile-delivered discovery workshops enabled Corplex to put together a strong business case for implementing their Oracle CPQ Cloud platform and successfully operating the optimal quote-to-cash cycle.

Corplex’s Chief Information Officer, Simon Clarke, said, “The team Walpole sent us to lead the workshop sessions was excellent. Walpole’s Managing Partner Consultant, Ingmar Hermans, was ably supported by Walpole’s lead functional consultant and senior business analyst. I felt it was a very useful exercise, and one we will run again to work on the removal of any further process blockers.”

To allow your organisation to run a similar workshop while securing executive project sponsorship, like Corplex, it’s important to:
·    have an insight into what the scope and business benefits will be
·    understand the rationale and justification of the CPQ implementation
·    explore the impact and costs involved in designing and implementing the proposed solution

To find out more about Walpole’s CPQ discovery process visit here.

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