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Customer Relationship Experience

Over the last few months we’ve devoted a great deal of time and energy to really understanding how to make cloud-based technology choices in the specific areas of Sales and Service Cloud, CPQ, Subscription Management and Billing. By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and our customers’ customers’ shoes, we are in a much stronger position of being able to advise on what technology choices are available before a decision-making process begins. We have a 5 step plan which we guide our customers through which aims to give them the excellent customer relationship experience that they deserve.

Customer Journey – It all starts with YOUR customer.  What process do you want your customer to go through? What touchpoints do you want them to have as they interact with your organisation? What do you want them to think, and just as importantly, what do you want them to feel as you do business together and what outcomes do they want you to deliver?

Business Process Mapping – Once we know the destination, we can look at the best way to get there. What processes do you need, but also what do you currently have? Do you need to re-engineer, simplify or repurpose your current approach, without re-inventing your wheel? Together we can determine the current and future state of your processes.

Service Design – How are you truly building your customer relationships? What are the elements of your service that are valued, how do they really manifest in your clients’ eyes to build engagement, loyalty, advocacy and delight? How can your service be improved to deliver more of all of these?

Process Automation – Once the blueprint is complete, we can set to work on selecting and delivering the optimum architecture and tools to support your plans. ‘Digital Transformation’ is sometimes an overused phrase but when built on strong foundations, executed excellently and backed by the right public cloud solutions, the results can truly be transformative.

Business Impact – How can we be sure?  Because no project is worthwhile unless it delivers a meaningful and measurable business impact. We can support you in creating the initial financial justification, delivering the return on investment and monitoring for improvement, all the way.

At Walpole Partnership we have a consultancy service available right at the beginning of your journey to implement cloud-based technology in the specific areas mentioned above, so you can have a fantastic customer relationship experience. We have the business process management skills and expertise to be able to facilitate the route to the technology that is best for your organisation, and if you’d like someone to show you the way, please contact us for a free discovery consultation.

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