Why Investing in Video Content Helps Drive Sales

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When you’re working in sales it’s important to have access to the latest tools. Video can be a great sales tool and is a hot topic – whether it’s a quick iPhone clip that you upload to social media or something more impressive that is professionally produced.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the geniuses at NRG Digital in the past and we had the opportunity to ask their MD, Robert Edmonds, what he thinks, and clearly the only way to communicate that is through video. We hope you enjoy the clip – please give Rob and us some feedback and click here if you want to check out one of the excellent videos his team has put together for us.

Robert Edmonds is Founder and Creative Director of NRG Digital, a multi award-winning, BAFTA nominated specialist communications agency. They use the power of video, animation and events to help businesses to inspire their audiences and elevate their brands. You can view NRG’s portfolio of work at https://nrg-digital.co.uk/portfolio which demonstrates the breadth, depth and variety of work they produce for their clients. Schedule a call with Rob to understand how teaming up with NRG can inspire your audience and elevate your brand.

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