Walpole Partnership’s Birthday

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Tomorrow we are celebrating Walpole Partnership’s 4th birthday – there will be singing, cake and jubilation all day! The 8th of July was the date we decided on as a team to be the official birthday for Walpole Partnership. We could have been like the Queen and gone with two, but we decided to settle on one. Though it’s hard to decide when exactly a start-up business did actually start…

Does it start when you leave the trusted world of getting a monthly pay cheque? Or is it when you’ve decided on your company’s name, when you’ve printed your business cards or had a go designing your first rudimentary website? Some may decide to go with their organisation’s incorporation date and others when they signed their first client. We’re convinced that all reasons are good reasons to mark the anniversary of your organisation – it’s important to mark the date, look at what has been achieved since the beginning and raise a glass to the future.

And in case you’re still wondering, we chose 8th July as that’s when we dedicated ourselves to the business of CPQ full-time, and we’ve never looked back since.

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