Walpole Partnership’s 250th Blog Post!

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This is our 250th blog post, and we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our readers. We’ve asked 5 of our team members to share what their favourite Walpole Partnership blog post is and why, and there are some interesting choices.

Andy Pieroux Slay Your Sales Demons This Halloween with CPQ – “I love this post because it tells a story. Although my imagination got a little the better of me at the end when I wrote it, the business situations described take place in real life and are all too common. It was fun to get creative and to talk about the real world problems that CPQ can fix.” 

Ingmar HermansWhat CPQ Can Really Do For You – “I’ve chosen a whole blog series which is made up of 12 posts in total. ‘What CPQ Can Really Do For You’ does what it says on the tin and each post explores a different benefit that Configure Price Quote Software can bring to a business if implemented well. In fact this series was such a success that it was made into an ebook in partnership with Oracle.” 

Alexandra YatesCPQ and the Ancient Art of Kintsugi – “One of the real pleasures I have as the Marketing Manager of Walpole Partnership, is to read and edit our MD’s brilliantly written, but sometimes slightly crazy blog posts. I don’t think there are many people in the world who have written, who could write, or would even think of writing a post that compares a particular type of sales software to the ancient art of Kintsugi. This was one of my favourites Andy Pieroux – keep ’em coming.” 

Stuart WymantCPQ Implementation Approaches -“I thought this was a great post, as it demonstrates Walpole Partnership’s dedication to one of our core values, which is being resourceful, lean, agile and adaptable. We offer our customers true flexibility depending on their needs, both at the beginning and throughout a relationship. As I look after our managed services, I am very proud to work for a company that puts customer satisfaction first.”

Ian JenkinsA Festive Week at Walpole Partnership – “This post reflects the trying times we’ve lived through in 2020 and reminds us that real people are at the heart of every business, large or small. The need to focus on each individual’s well being has never been more prevalent and is key to our success at Walpole Partnership.” 

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