Walpole Partnership pricing workshop to determine CPQ needs

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PROS Pricing and CPQ

Recently, we’ve had multiple customers who have taken us up on our offer to guide them through their CPQ discovery process, and we’ve particularly enjoyed working with Ben Consulting to lead a Pricing & CPQ discovery workshop in Madrid. As part of our few days together, a significant breakthrough was made focusing on the end-to-end process build up, in and around the quote creation process, along with unlocking the efficiency of the submission of orders.

We are pleased to be working with technology partner PROS (Profit and Revenue Optimisation Software) on this project. PROS delivers Smart CPQ and AI-based solutions that accelerate their customers’ ability to achieve profitable growth through digital selling and eCommerce channels.

It’s also great to be working once more with our project partner, Ben Consulting Services. As part of our strategic partnership, Ben Consulting bring their PROS technical implementation skills which helps us to improve customers’ Quote to Cash (QTC) processes to accelerate sales cycles, optimise sales prices and gain control over the Time To Market of products and services.

Walpole Partnership’s carefully crafted and agile delivered discovery workshops enable client organisations to put together a strong business case for implementing a new Pricing / CPQ Cloud platform and successfully operating the selected Quote-to-Cash technology.

To allow your organisation to run a similar workshop, while securing executive project sponsorship, it’s important to:
·     have an insight into what the scope and business benefits will be
·     understand the rationale and justification of the implementation
·     explore the impact and costs involved in designing and implementing the proposed solution

The Walpole discovery workshop format itself will involve the following activities:
·     breakthrough opportunity analysis
·     current business process review
·     future business process assessment

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