Walpole Partnership is 8 years old today!

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8 years old today birthday cake

It’s Walpole Partnership’s 8th birthday today, and to celebrate, we wanted to share 8 things that we are incredibly grateful for:  

1.     Our customers – they continually challenge and delight us in equal measure, but we really wouldn’t be here without them! 

2.     Our partners – including our vendor partners who make the software and other consultants that we work alongside, we believe that partnering with others and sharing technology, skills and expertise makes us stronger. 

3.     Incredible colleagues – as you may know, we’re a close-knit team, and are always happy to go above and beyond for our customers, partners and each other. 

4.     Remote working – we were set-up as a remote working company, which has been handy over the last year, and it enables us to work globally. Geographical location is not a barrier for us here at Walpole Partnership. 

5.     Socialising – we love to socialise with each other, and we’ve even made this possible during the pandemic. Non-work focused catch ups take place three times a week (work isn’t allowed to be discussed) and we’ve also taken part in online quizzes and even an online escape room! 

6.     Language capability – we have significant language capabilities in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and Hindi. Speaking our customers’ language is really important to us, but if we aren’t fluent in the language of a prospective customer ourselves, then we are happy to work with a 3rd party or partner to assist. 

7.     New branding and website – the novelty and beauty of our new branding (by InnerVisions ID Branding Consultancy) and our new website (by Anorak Cat Web Design) still hasn’t worn off, even months later!

8.     The future – we’re very excited about the future and to see how Walpole Partnership grows and evolves. We are also incredibly grateful for vaccinations against Covid-19 as they will play a big part in our future. Whilst we are pleased to be a company that has the ability to operate completely remotely, we do like to see our colleagues, customers and partners in person from time to time for work and even some socialising too!

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