Walpole Partnership is 7 Years Old Today!

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Birthday Balloons

Walpole Partnership is 7 years old today! Hurray! As the world is slowly being unlocked from its lockdown, here in the UK we could go to the pub to celebrate our big day, but as we’re are geographically spread out across Europe we’ll settle for a celebratory Zoom instead! 

How people have reacted to birthdays and celebrations during lockdown has really varied. Some have given up and denied that there’s anything to commemorate, some carry on and do their best to celebrate as normally as they can given the unusual circumstances. Then there are those who have embraced the change and found it has given them the opportunity to think around the problem and find a new way of marking a special occasion. We like to think that we come into the latter group here at Walpole Partnership, despite our MD, Andy Pieroux, trying to get away with avoiding his 50th birthday back in May, so he could continue to stay 49 for another year.

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