Walpole in the Alps

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Walpole in the Alps

Last week, the majority of the core Walpole Partnership team travelled to France to visit customers, and for our quarterly team meeting. As luck would have it, two of our customers are nearby to each other and to the Alps, so after all the business had been taken care of, the Walpole team members were able to enjoy each other’s company (for only the second time in 2 years!) and make use of the mountains nearby for some skiing and snowboarding.

As we are a remote team and are spread out across EMEA, the logistics of getting 13 people to the right place at the right time was complex to say the least. Huge thanks to Brett Parsons and Nicola Foley at Travel Counsellors for doing an exceptional job and to our Executive Assistant, Hayley McDonald for her hard work in co-ordinating everything so seamlessly from our end. Finally, we must also thank our MD, Andy Pieroux, for giving us the opportunity to meet up and continue to build our strong and positive team where we support each other, value transparency and celebrate success.

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