Unlock the value of CPQ through a BOA

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Unlock the value of CPQ

As highlighted in Frank Sohn’s video post, the 5 key differentiating themes to look for in a CPQ solution are industry specialisation, ability to handle complexity, feature function focus, coding and integration, and off-the-shelf cloud capability.

We found Frank’s post really insightful and compelling, and we always see the added value of his words of wisdom as guru of CPQ industry analysis and consultancy with his deep experience in the High Tech Industry, Sales Transformation, Quote-to-Cash, Sales Operations and Project/Program Management.

Before you can start to unlock the value of a CPQ solution, you need to go through a discovery process. Walpole, as Oracle’s preferred CPQ implementation partner, is continually asked to by Oracle and its customers to explain and facilitate this process. 

A great way to enter into this discovery process is by going through the Oracle certified CPQ Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (BOA) workshops. As mentioned in the most recent Oracle CPQ Community call, we’re looking to review the quote to order process for each customer specific set of ‘use cases’, present and demonstrate the future state process using CPQ, clearly define the CPQ business and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) value proposition and clarify aspects of CPQ complexity, and outline and agree what’s next with a CPQ roadmap including clearly defined project stages and deliverables. 

Increase awareness of your Opportunity-to-Cash lifecycle by completing our diagnostic tool and receiving a 100% customised report.

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