The vital move to BOM Mapping

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BOM Mapping

Bill Of Materials (BOM) Mapping was introduced by Oracle in 2020 and is a more dynamic solution to configure products in Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Within the next 18 to 24 months, Oracle has indicated that they will be looking to retire the Recommended Item Rules (RIR) functionality in CPQ. To future proof your business and CPQ infrastructure, Walpole Partnership is well placed to help customers migrate from RIR to BOM Mapping. Enabling the full BOM Mapping capability takes away the need for RIR to continue to exist.

Oracle is focusing on the continued investment in BOM Mapping which is giving access to functionality such as the new shopping cart, ABO (asset-based ordering) favourites, and subscription management enabling e.g. simplified pricing rollups.

Make sure your CPQ doesn’t become extinct. Let Walpole Partnership guide you through your best-practice setup of BOM Mapping. Look out for our future posts which will take a deep dive into the benefits that BOM Mapping will bring your business.

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