The First Team Meeting of the Decade

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We’ve just finished our Team Meeting for the quarter at Walpole HQ in Hammersmith, London, and what a jam-packed three days we’ve had! The meetings have been hugely productive and we always value the social time that we spend with our Walpole colleagues. On Tuesday night we entered a team into a local pub quiz – we took home the bronze medal (and there were more than three teams playing before you ask!) – and last night we went to a brilliant curry house serving Indian street food and followed the meal with a couple of rounds of pool. We also recognised the 5 years of service that our CPQ, Sales and Operations Partner Consultant, Ingmar Hermans, has given Walpole Partnership.

If you’d like to talk toIngmar or one of our lovely team members about implementing CPQ in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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