The first team meeting of 2023!

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team meeting 2023

We are Walpole, and last week we were in Waterloo (London) as we came together for our quarterly team meeting. Plans and objectives for the next fiscal year were shared and discussed, and as we are a remote working company, we really enjoyed spending time together face to face. In addition to our hard work and discussions, we also were lucky enough to have a private pod with drinks on the London Eye before dinner at the iconic OXO Tower. The following day, after we’d reached the end of our planned meeting agenda, we were split into three teams and completed the Crystal Maze Live Experience! Congratulations to the winning team, ‘Broken Bad,’ which was made up of SimoneGarethCassaBecks and Liz. We’re looking forward to our next quarterly meeting already!

If you want to find out more about the people that make up the Walpole Partnership team, head over to our Team page.

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