Team meeting at The Belfry

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Meeting at The Belfry

Last week Walpole Partnership held its quarterly team meeting, and this time we headed to the Midlands to The Belfry Hotel & Resort, which is well known for having hosted the Ryder Cup four times.

In addition to the in-person meetings, we were all lucky enough to play some golf! The entire team took part in a Toptracer event on the evening of day 1, taking on some Nearest Pin challenges and Long Drive competitions. As most of the team are non-golfers, we made extensive use of the golf coaches at The Belfry to help the team with the basics and by the time the session was over, everyone was able to hit the ball forwards, mostly off the ground and vaguely near to the centre of the clubface!

After the meetings on day 2, a group of the Walpole golfers (with a wide variety of handicaps) took the opportunity to play the famous ‘Brabazon’ course which proved more than a little challenging with its fast greens, numerous water hazards and autumnal setting where the ball tried to hide whenever anyone went towards the trees. Ingmar Hermans proved to be the victor using all his 31 shots to full effect and playing to his handicap for a 36-point haul. At the same time, the non-golfers enjoyed The Belfry’s crazy golf course or relaxed in the spa.

On day 3, the golfers managed to navigate their way around 13 holes of the PGA National course playing a Texas Scramble format until rain stopped play. At this point the team were 1 under par which was good considering the typhoon-esque wind that was experienced.

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, said, “It was great to spend valuable face-to-face time with the team last week and to play some golf. We love being a virtual company and the efficiency it brings to day-to-day operations. As Walpole is set up like this, it makes the time we do spend together so much more special. Huge thanks go to the team for taking time out of their lives to join us for a few days and to their families who keep things running at home – your support is appreciated!”

If you want to find out more about the people that make up the Walpole Partnership team, head over to our Team page.

This post was written by Walpole Partnership’s Senior Project Delivery Consultant and Golf Lead, Ian Jenkins.

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