Speaking our customers’ language

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Speaking our customers’ language

At Walpole Partnership we consistently look at fulfilling key customer business, functional and technical requirements. It’s always critical to ensure that our Cloud implementations allow for accessing multi-currency and multi-lingual information. 

When implementing SaaS technology, it must meet essential multi-region/country requirements that firstly comes with a whole variety of currencies including Euros, US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Krone, Swiss Francs. Secondly, effective project management activities rely on speaking the language of our customers. 

At Walpole Partnership we operate globally and have significant language capabilities in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and Hindi, and we are able to get to the heart of our customers by speaking their own language. A deeper cultural understanding supports transparent communication and great relationship building. 

A focus on local language and culture provides us with a fitting sense of closeness and connection in the ongoing conversation in each of our projects. 

If you recognise the need for this capability and support to run your Cloud-based project, please contact us.

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