Are you getting the best from your CRM, CPQ and ERP system?

If the answer is maybe or no, then Walpole can introduce a structured approach towards business process and system improvement, and we have an expert team on standby to help you. 

It’s vital that your processes and systems continue to be fit for purpose and are up to the latest standards as your business evolves. Due to our partnerships with established technology vendors, we are able to recommend enhancements to get the very best out of your existing solutions.

Our 3-step process for CPQ improvement

We’ve pioneered a simple and logical three-step process to help you improve your CPQ system and adopt best practices. Our approach produces measurable results whether your solution needs a complete overhaul or simply some adjustments to bring it in-line with your evolving business needs or current software updates.


  • Audit current processes, systems and documentation
  • Identify stakeholder pain points, and deviation from best practice
  • Establish and measure current state 


  • Agree focus areas and desired improvements
  • Align to solution roadmap and stakeholder requirements
  • Develop detailed improvement plan


  • Build and test new functionality
  • Train and communicate go-live to users
  • Review measurable targeted improvements

The pillars of improvement

Within the three-step process we bring focus to the five pillars of improvement. These are the critical themes our team can inspect and improve that result in the biggest benefits:


Inventory of business processes

Choose methodology

Establish business process management cycle

Audit current as-is state

Define future to-be state

Conduct gap analysis

Create process roadmap



Data model optimisation

Code and script removal

Convert SOAP APIs to REST APIs

Remove process bottlenecks

Workflow simplification

Custom approvals streamlining

Best-practice implementation


Asset Based Ordering

Subscription Management

Configuration Logic

3D visualisation integration

E-signature capability

Other integrations

Data analytics and Business Intelligence 

User Experience

Move from Legacy to Modern UI

Process flow simplication

Multi-language / currency set-up

Multi-user collaboration

Dynamic form design

Enhanced corporate identity and branding

End-user navigation and usability


Code refactoring to latest standards

Optimal pricing management

Formula based pricing

Move from expression-based to rule-based logic

Output document template management

Auto system documentation

Release Management

The companies that we work with report clear improvements in





There are huge benefits of following our ‘Prepare, Plan, Progress’ methodology when you carry out any business process or system improvements. We can help you develop the right size project plan for your business and will define milestones that ensure measurable benefits are tracked and delivered, giving you tangible value for your investments. Our world-class team of consultants treat your functional and technical requirements with care and will protect your ongoing business.

If you are interested in improving business processes and systems, contact us for more information.