How can CX & related integrations benefit your organisation?

At Walpole Partnership, whilst we are undoubtedly expert in implementing and improving CPQ systems, our skills go far wider than that. We recognise that CPQ on its own is only one piece of the puzzle for many organisations and that there are many systems that integrate with and support CPQ, and we also offer a full range of services that can help you implement these in your organisation.


CX and Integrations

CX and Integrations

The most common opportunity to order flow is from a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to an Enterprise Resource Management system (ERP).


Price Quote


Working in this flow is a day-to-day activity for our delivery teams. We can implement a CRM for you from scratch or adjust your existing CRM to make it CPQ ready.

We have fully qualified technical and functional resources for a broad range of CRM solutions including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Sales & Service. This ensures we can support the full process flow into CPQ for you.

CPQ typically integrates to an ERP or other ‘downstream’ system too, and here we can bring decades of experience designing, developing, testing and implementing custom integrations to ensure perfect orders flowing out from CPQ, and up to date information being used in the quoting process too.

Increasingly, the dependence on integration between systems means that a ‘middleware’ layer can help to simplify and de-risk the architecture of joined up systems. 

We can advise on selection and can bring out the best in many types of integration tools such as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), Dell Boomi, MuleSoft and many others. Our architects and technicians are qualified and experienced and will help you connect your systems so that data, transactions and business flow seamlessly.

More than ever before, the way your products and services are taken to market has to evolve.

The channels your customers want to buy through are changing due to technological, cultural and societal shifts. New pricing and ownership models are becoming the norm in many industries with ‘everything-as-a-service’ leading the way in the subscription economy.

Your customers may want the advice given in a direct sales engagement for an initial purchase followed by e-commerce for after-sales activity. Or they may want to browse a simple online catalogue, and only delve into complex configuration detail once they’ve found the right product/service fit.

Either way, having a joined-up omni-channel experience for your customers and your sales teams is critical. You need to ensure that the B2B experience and information received is aligned with the online or B2C shop front. Product catalogues must be shared and coherent, price-books and approvals need to align for all customers, and user-experiences need to dovetail together.

Walpole Partnership has the skills, qualifications, experience and strategic partnerships to enable a successful integration of CPQ into your omni-channel architecture.

Everything you need to capture sales everywhere

B2C & B2B Commerce

Omnichannel product discovery

Personalisation, advanced merchandising

Search  & navigation

Payments, invoicing, purchase orders

Account-specific pricing, catalog and contracts  

Configuration, pricing, quoting

Intuitive configuration & guided selling

Collaborative quoting & dynamic workflows

AI-infused deal modelling

Realtime processing for complex, dynamic pricing & bundling

Quote templates & contracts 

Subscription management

Support for mixed orders

Subscription lifecycle % service contract management

Usage based billing & rating

Coordinated warranty & service coverage

Revenue management

Subscription Management

As time moves forward, your customers increasingly demand to be at the centre of doing business with you and expect instant gratification, and you want that too as long as you can service them.

 In the move to the subscription economy Walpole Partnership can help you address the challenges of your system’s capabilities by:

  • Supporting thousands of flexible customer touchpoints, pricing, delivery, and billing models
  • Executing subscription changes (upgrades, downgrades, future dates, modifications etc) to guarantee back-office alignment and long-term customer satisfaction
  • Seeing an orchestrated view of customer impacting data in one comprehensive view to enable better customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining revenue recognition rules

If your system can’t do all these things, then the major software vendors like Oracle and Salesforce have developed technology to help you improve your system so that you can.

Walpole Partnership can help you navigate and integrate this landscape with years of experience of all elements of subscription management and billing, with CPQ at the heart of it.

One of the most common integrations we are asked to perform for CPQ is integration with e-Signature capability from vendors such as DocuSign or many others. The fit between the technologies is natural and has a high return on investment.

What better place to automate and digitise the customer approval of documents than at the point of generation, and within the system that tracks approvals! CPQ controls both of these workflow steps, and many customers find that placing e-Signature capability at this point in their process makes the most sense. In some cases, integration of e-Signature to CRM may make more sense and we can help you work out the best architecture for e-Signature within your Opportunity to Order process.

Wherever it sits, we have the experience to implement e-Signature for you and the vendor relationships to take away the pain of implementation, avoiding common pitfalls and quickly saving your salespeople time and effort (and paper!).

A further integration that many clients get great benefit from is 3D Visualisation within CPQ and we have a strategic partnerships with many visualisation vendors such as CDS Visual, Threekit and Atlatl. 

In our increasingly online world, where it can be difficult to get prospects and customers to attend in-person events or locations, it’s more important than ever to be able to represent your products online, in more detail, with more flexibility and with more realism than ever.

These solutions include support for 3D visualisation, dimensioned drawings, downloadable CAD files and augmented reality experiences of configured products so you can bring your products to your clients on their own devices.

We can help you implement 3D Visualisation into leading CPQ software products to drive tremendous additional return on investment, as well as expanding CPQ use into product areas and sales channels for which traditional text entry of configuration information isn’t ideal.

If you are interested in implementing a CX system or improving your integrations, please contact us for more information.