Companies all over the world are seeing great results from implementing a CPQ system.

The huge number of benefits of using CPQ technology include faster, more accurate and better-looking quotes, sales orders that are easy to process, and significant growth in revenue and profit. However, CPQ projects can fail when designed or implemented without experience. Our expert team at Walpole Partnership will ensure that your CPQ solution succeeds, and that it delivers the results that you expect and need.

CPQ - Configure Price Quote

Configure Price Quote

Configure Price Quote

In our experience there are 5 core principles that form the foundation of a successful CPQ project


Take the chance to challenge complex ways of working before the build. Don’t over-engineer. Remove unnecessary steps and build a lean, effective system. 


CPQ is at the heart of an organisation. Building momentum across sales, product, finance and other departments needs a clear strategy and insight into different perspectives.


Plan for quick wins. Execute efficiently. Test and learn rapidly. Be responsive to your users. Resource your team to create momentum.


Design to the strengths of your CPQ software and stay standard unless critical. Customisation is hard to support. Best practices build lasting systems.


Invest in the teams that will design, deliver and support your system. Provide guidance and training from experts or supplement your teams and let them learn.

The team at Walpole Partnership has the experience to build you a great system, and we have a range of implementation services available to suite your organisation.

Do you want to implement CPQ, but your business needs to control  project costs?

If so, then take the risk out of your project with a fixed scope implementation led by our CPQ experts. Fixed scope Implementations are a great way to get started with a CPQ project, and by implementing CPQ in this way, we can provide a predictable cost and timescale and can start to provide the first benefits of CPQ to you as quickly as possible. We have the following packages available:

Expert Analysis - Days On-Site551015
Project Management + Documentation-Light-TouchStandardStandard
Framework + Design
Org + Workflow Setup
User + Approval SetupCoaching
Catalogue Creation - Products3102540
Commerce Setup - Attributes, Formulae, Actions103050100
Document Templates13510
Mobile LayoutsCoaching
Standard CRM Integration1111
ERP / Order Management Integration--BasicComplex
Admin Training✓ + User Course✓ + User Course
On-Call Post-Go-Live Support - Hours40Cutover + 40Cutover + 40Cutover + 40
Time to Go-Live - WeeksYour Choice12-1416-1820-26

QUICK START: For companies new to CPQ who need expert guidance, design support and initial examples, but with experienced IT teams who will deliver and resource the project themselves.

READY: For companies with simpler business models or with a strong desire to simplify and a willingness to change.

MIDSIZE: For companies with some complexity in their products or processes and a willingness to align their business with CPQ.

COMPLEX: For companies with larger catalogues and/or established processes that won’t change easily.

Do you want to implement CPQ, but your business needs more flexibility?

If you’re after a more customised CPQ system, then we also have the agility to create bespoke implementations here at Walpole Partnership. In fact, a bespoke implementation is the most common way to integrate a CPQ solution. Your project will be defined according to each business requirement and delivered through an agile, semi-agile or traditional waterfall project management methodology. When executed well, the resulting CPQ solution will be best suited when requirements are very well defined, and expectations are clearly set. A bespoke implementation guarantees a successful and sustainable implementation which is fit-for-purpose for your organisation. 

If you are implementing a CPQ system, contact us for more information.