Send Your CPQ on a Jet

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Those of you who are close to Oracle will know that the product team has been working very hard behind the scenes to unify the user experience of all their products. Seeing as Oracle probably has thousands of solutions, we’re sure you can imagine that this is a monumental task. But now, the UI (User Interface) has finally been released and it is being called Jet UI. So what is all the fuss about, and if you have a cloud based CPQ system, should you be keen to use Jet UI and send your CPQ on a jet?

The Jet in Jet UI stands for Javascript Extension Toolkit, and it enables users to leverage their Java skillset to get the UI to do more, whilst utilising the wonderful tools available in the open source world.

Jet UI can benefit your organisation in the following ways as:

  • Its mobile ready so the UI refactors are based on the screen you’re viewing it on
  • There is multi-language support it supports 28 languages to be exact!
  • The design is modern and clean and has more functionality than the legacy UI
  • It allows for fuzzy logic searching and selection of items

Let’s take a moment to focus on the more functionality point, especially from a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) perspective and the benefits that it will bring. Firstly, Jet UI brings more flexibility on how to display items on screen, for example, sliders or min/max controls can be used. Sliders may not be a big deal on a computer, but they are very important from a usability standpoint on a phone or tablet.

Secondly, the way invalid data is displayed has been improved. By using Oracle CPQ with Jet UI, you can configure a complex quote with hundred of rows of products and clearly see which options are incompatible or ineligible, understanding what you need to change in order to modify the quote to be viable and supportable. As you go through the intuitive configurator, you can enable all options to appear, with invalid selections either crossed out, in red, or however you want it displayed to the user. This makes it easier to follow your customers specifications and guidance can be displayed on how to make the Quote fully compatible again.

There are also many visual improvements that Jet UI brings with it, but one of the other most important things that is does is bring about an upgrade in performance. Oracle CPQ is already a quick system overall, but with Jet UI, it can be blisteringly fast! More control is now available on what can be displayed, and who gets to see it. Role-based views are now easier than ever to set up, which means sensitive price build up information can remain in the hands of only those who really need to see it. Jet UI also prevents the entire page for refreshing whenever data influencing content is modified, offering the ability to only refresh sections of the page further improving UI responsiveness.

If you have Oracle CPQ and you’re using the legacy UI at the moment, but would like see how you could send your CPQ on a jet by using Jet UI, book in for a free consultation with one of our CPQ Experts today.

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