Salesforce Live World Tour London

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Salesforce World Tour Live

Last week we visited Salesforce Live World Tour London which was held at the ExCel Centre. The event was bigger and better than ever before, and it certainly attracted the crowds!

One of the key themes of the day was ‘Why The future of business is AI + Data + CRM’, and we certainly embrace this message in our Walpole implementation approach for Revenue Cloud including CPQ, Subscription Management and Billing. 

As well as attending the keynotes, sessions and live demos, we also met up with Fred Wilkinson from our valued partner, BPI OnDemandClaire Jones ☁ from ThirdEye Consulting, and the Supermums Team and new cohort. 

Huge thanks to Debs Hayden Waters and Shreetika Kesarwani for being Walpole Partnership’s representatives at Salesforce Live World Tour London – we’re always happy to be Trailblazing together with the Salesforce community. 

If you want to talk to us about Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation, then please contact us.

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