Right-Brain Selling with Left-Brain Management – That’s CPQ Cloud and Guided Selling

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We love Graham McInnes’ post on the Oracle SMB Blog, whichever side of his brain it came from! This blend of two different schools of thought is one of the many reasons we love CPQ here at Walpole Partnership. The way it brings together different functions and mindsets is what makes an implementation interesting and sometimes challenging, but one thing it never is, is boring!

Sometimes clients don’t always appreciate the need to align the sides of the brain and the facets of their organisation, and it’s an area that we’ve enjoyed helping so many companies come to terms with before they implement CPQ. Doing this as part of the process makes all the difference.

If you want to learn more about Walpole Partnership and how you can use our excellent relationship with Oracle to help your business sell more and sell faster book a free 90-minute consultation.

Graham McInnes posted this article on the Oracle SMB Business Blog in 2018 but it is now no longer available to view.

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