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Our Senior Managing Consulting Partner, Ingmar Hermans, is currently embarking on a new project where he’s providing Programme Management Office (PMO) support for Energinvest.

Energinvest is a strategic, financial and operational consulting firm that specialises in the design, implementation, evaluation and funding of investment programs and energy efficiency projects for private and public clients. The company is preparing to deploy a platform to configure energy services which allows the renovation of buildings.

Energinvest developed the Smart Building Performance Management methodology (smartBPM) to address the needs of large property owners/managers in the areas of existing building operations and sustainability. The intent of the smartBPM is to standardise and simplify building performance management throughout a property owner’s portfolio in order to deliver bottom line results and achieve the following objectives:

  • Energy Savings and Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Increased Occupiers Health and Wellbeing
  • Increased Building Asset Value

As well as utilising our expert PMO skills for this project, Ingmar and the team at Walpole Partnership are also excited to be working with, and learning from a company for whom sustainability is at the core of everything they do.

Find out more about some of the additional services that we offer here at Walpole Partnership.

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