Oracle’s Mid-Market Partner Sales Development Forums

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Oracle Mid Market Partner Forum

Last week members of the Walpole Partnership team were lucky enough to attend not only one, but two of Oracle’s Western Europe Mid-Market Partner Sales Development Forums – one in Reading, UK and one in Utrecht, Netherlands. Walpole is a remote working organisation, so we have team members throughout EMEA who can attend such worthwhile events.  

At the forums we received excellent guidance and direction on the overview, as well as the detail of the Mid-Market programme, and as a specialist partner we are now also certain that we can carve out our space in the Mid-Market arena.

In preparation for Oracle’s new fiscal year, the Walpole Partnership team will be looking for early engagement with the Oracle Mid-Market sales coached by the Oracle partner management and Oracle Mid-Market leadership teams. 

As a result of the event, we’ll be developing our sales pipeline and working through the associated deal registration activities. We’ll particularly be looking to develop the cross-pillar opportunities within the Oracle Mid-Market partner ecosystem to build on the early success we have had with connecting CX to ERP, and in addition, we are excited about expanding this connection from CX to HCM. 

If you are a member of the Oracle CX, ERP and HCM Mid-Market Sales teams, please connect with our Business Development and Sales team led by Ingmar Hermans and Cassa Khan

Our thanks go to the Oracle team for putting together such a brilliant roadshow. This includes Andre RobbertsPhilippa Clifford-DaviesEmma ClarkeJulian HecksherSean LavinKerry Nutley , Morten ØrstedSebastian PolleselloMandy Dekker, Barend Oelofse, Yildiz TaylanMichel van OverbeekHuib Weeke, and Stefan Diedericks

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