Oracle Fusion Sales in 2024

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Oracle Fusion Sales in 2024

At the back end of last year, members of the Walpole Partnership team attended the “The Future of Sales: Fusion Sales in 2024 and Beyond” webinar. The following observations were made and stood out.  

Oracle CPQ and Subscription Management have emerged as powerful tools which are fundamental to how B2B enterprises transform revenue generation. This toolset now comprises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and even more importantly Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). AI facilitates data driven insights and in the case of Gen AI, even content, which brings a level of precision never seen before to the sales cycle. 

Opportunity-to-Cash, which is at the core of revenue generation has historically been split between sales, service, fulfilment, accounts receivable and collections and it is being revolutionised by the Oracle Fusion CX suite of applications, breaking down both process and data siloes.

To achieve unification across the Opportunity-to-Cash process, major areas of focus include:
·      sales orchestration – which guides sellers through their day-to-day work
·      guided quoting – facilitating multiple revenue models in one quote, compensation estimates and AI driven guidance which adapts as data is added
·      digital buying experiences – supporting collaborative buying and assisting with both self-service and assisted buying experiences
·      product workbench – which allows the creation of highly customisable product offerings, bundles and more
·      headless architecture – enabling the integration of CPQ and Subscription Management functionality into bespoke platforms which are relevant the user and useful for them – exposing all data and unlocking it with AI insights

All of the above are part of revenue transformation, but can be complicated and challenging because B2B sellers in 2024 have multiple:
·      sales channels and expect buyers to transition between channels during the sales cycle
·      revenue models – for example, mixing of one-time and recurring revenue models in one quote
·      complex products and tailored services and crucially, combinations of these in a single quote

Walpole Partnership is uniquely positioned, with a wealth of experience analysing the Opportunity-to-Cash process and implementing Oracle CPQ and Subscription Management solutions to help you unpick the highly complex area of revenue transformation.

If you’re ready to transform your Opportunity-to-Cash process, take advantage of this revolutionary new technology and Walpole Partnership’s expertise, start your journey by completing our Opportunity-to-Cash diagnostic tool.

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