Oracle CPQ Cloud 24B Release

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Oracle CPQ Cloud 24B Release

Walpole Partnership is impressed with the significant number of improvements that Oracle has managed to pack into a single Oracle CPQ Cloud Release!

Here’s our selection of the enhanced capabilities for Oracle CPQ Release 24B:

New Quotes List User Interface (UI – Transaction Manager):

The redesigned Oracle Redwood User Experience (UX) provides additional usability improvements to the Quote List Page, such as, filtering, sorting, creating, and managing saved searches, etc. When enabled, the new Quotes List page replaces the existing legacy Transaction Manager. These improvements are much sought after by the wider Oracle CPQ customer community.

Help Icons for Line Item Grid Attributes:

This feature set will display a help icon to the left-hand side column header for the applicable attribute. When a user hovers over the help icon, the attribute description is displayed. This has been made available due to popular demand!

Line Actions for Line Item Grid Lines:

Starting in Oracle CPQ 24B, customers can display Reconfigure, Edit, Delete, and Charge Details actions for Line Item Grid line items. This feature has now also been enabled in JET UI, as it used to exist in legacy Commerce Layout.

Number of Lines in Line Item Grid:

Oracle CPQ 24B introduces the new Allow Table Height Control option in the Commerce Layout Editor to allow sales users to define the number of rows to be visible in the Line Item Grid. When this option is enabled, sales users can specify how many line items they want to display per page. User preferences can be saved to User Personalisations. This will make life much easier for many sales users, especially for those who deal with large quotes and need to see many lines in a single view.

File Attachments in Line Item Grid Lines:

The new Release provides the option to allow editing of File Attachment attributes in the Line Item Grid. When enabled, sales users can add and delete a file attachment to a Line-Item Grid line item. The attached filename is displayed in the File Attribute type field when an attachment has been added. This is a really useful feature for customers who want to attach Product specific Data Sheets or Brochures, Insert Addresses, Upload Annexes, Terms and Conditions, etc in the Line Item Grid.

Commerce Access Rules:

Oracle CPQ 24B expands the functionality of Commerce Hiding Rules to allow administrators to dynamically control read/write permissions for Commerce attributes. This greatly reduces the amount of effort to control access for Commerce attributes.

Configuration Context Attribute:

Oracle CPQ 24B introduces the new Config Operation Context configuration system attribute to identify the operation that initiated the current Configuration session. This read only system attribute will reflect unique values for new configurations, reconfigurations, search flows, and ABO Modify actions. This is a really great feature for Administrators because they can now readily define more specific rules according to an associated context.

There are lots of other enhancements to talk you through e.g. Pricing Portal & Integrations (REST API & DocuSign) and Walpole Partnership’s support services can enable your organisation to take full advantage of these new Oracle CPQ Cloud capabilities, please get in touch to learn about best practices for fast implementation.

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