Oracle CPQ Cloud 24A Release

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Oracle CPQ Release 24A

Walpole Partnership is impressed with the enhanced Revenue Intelligence functionality based on Generative AI (Gen AI) capability. Revenue Intelligence in CPQ allows teams to work collaboratively on common tasks including sales and marketing efforts focusing on profitable relationships, sales opportunities and quotes that drive the most value.

Here is the list of enhanced quick-win features and capabilities for Oracle CPQ Release 24A:

·      Administrator-defined RTE (Rich Text Editor) templates from the JET Inline Rich Text Editor –  from Oracle CPQ 24A, customers can access administrator-defined RTE templates based on the JET Inline Rich Text Editor. Additionally, sales users can now access legacy RTE templates from the JET Inline Rich Text Editor. They can also access shared and user-defined RTE templates from the Insert Template drop-down. 

·       Override Constrained Value Display – Oracle CPQ 24A provides the ability to constrain the same Configurable Attribute differently depending on different conditions. Administrators can override the “Constrained Value Display” option defined in single select and multi-select menu-type configurable attributes within the action area of a constraint rule. For example, a customer can have two constraint rules that have different Override Constrained Values Display options.

·       Dynamic Menus Using Transaction Arrays – Dynamic Menu attributes allow you to implement drop-down menus that display dynamic options. In prior releases only Data Tables could be used for the domain target to assign the dynamic values. From Oracle CPQ 24A onwards, applicable array sets will be listed in the Domain drop-down when administrators are populating the domain for a dynamic menu.

Walpole Partnership’s support services can enable your organisation to take full advantage of these new Oracle CPQ Cloud capabilities – please get in touch  to learn about best practices for fast implementation.

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