Oracle CPQ Cloud 23D Release

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Oracle CPQ Cloud 23D Release

At Walpole Partnership we continue to be impressed with the dedication of the Oracle Product Group who keep listening to feedback from customers and partners, and developing Oracle CPQ Cloud with sought-after functionality and modern technology, ensuring that preferred implementation partners, such as Walpole, can keep it fit for purpose. 

Here are the list of enhanced features and capabilities for Oracle CPQ Release 23D:

·      Line Item Grid (LIG) Personalisation – users can save their respective preferences related to selecting and arranging columns along with applying filters in the Line Item Grid. No further complex setups are required to enable this feature.

·      Transaction Array Enhancements – sales users can now use filtering and sorting in Commerce arrays. This was previously available only in Configuration arrays. 

·      Configuration Actions (one of the most popular customer requests!) – CSS/JS was being used to convert Boolean or menu attributes as a button in configuration e.g. search button, but now the new feature allows the creation of Action buttons in the Configuration administration section. 

·      Salesforce Connect using CPQ Integration Centre – configuration of Salesforce settings and certificate uploads can now take place within the CPQ platform without raising an Oracle Support ticket. This results in a significant time reduction when re-establishing connections post Salesforce or CPQ refresh. 

·      Transaction arrays in Data Cube export – REST APIs are no longer required to get details of transaction arrays for reporting within the data cube export process. No further complex setups are required to enable this feature.

·      Deactivation of user groups – user groups that are not in use within Oracle CPQ Cloud can now be rendered inactive. No further complex setups are required to enable this feature.

These enhanced features are useful for all Oracle CPQ Cloud customers, and Walpole Partnership is more than happy to facilitate the use of them. This includes removing code/script for the construction of Configuration UIs with Action buttons, as well as Salesforce CRM audit, setup and testing in each relevant CPQ environment (DEV, TEST, etc) before deploying Salesforce Connect to your Production environment.

Walpole Partnership’s support services can enable your organisation to take full advantage of these new Oracle CPQ Cloud capabilities – please get in touch if we can help.

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