How to Optimise Complex Sales Processes with a CRM CPQ ERP Integration

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Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) work together to provide an end-to-end solution for sales teams and their customers. CRM works with CPQ and ERP, capturing data on demand, and producing error-free quotes and proposals.

Combining all three can optimise sales processes, giving you a competitive advantage in your sector.

Help your sales team to become more efficient

Some sales environments are inevitably more complex than others – CPQ offers multiple solutions which aren’t over-engineered. No matter how big your team, the aim is to standardise and rationalise. A CRM CPQ ERP integration speeds up the process and removes the laborious administration, which is great for your customers and your sales team.

Removes complexity

Some industries can be limited when they’re hiring sales people. Their niche is specialist and theyre searching for people who are already subject matter experts. With a CPQ solution, sales teams dont need to know the tiny product details – all the necessary information is easy to access.

Single sign-on

Keep all data in one place and you’ll save your team from having to log into separate tools. They’ll transition between CRM, CPQ, and ERP seamlessly, pulling data, producing quotes, and checking customer details.

Complete configure price quote guide for sales professionals


Manage orders to fulfillment

CRM, CPQ & ERP all import and export slightly different information for different functions. With CRM, you can manage customer relationships and strategies in detail, CPQ takes care of the quoting and sales process, and ERP handles order processing, from fulfilment through to accounting and reporting.

Order to fulfillment is often a long and complex chain of events, which can either nurture or hinder customer relationships.

crm cpq erp integration

  • Detailed customer information.
  • Sales activity tracking.
  • Pipeline and forecast reporting.


  • Product and service details.
  • Approved prices and financials.
  • Terms and conditions.


  • Inventory and supply management.
  • Real-time process information.
  • Simplified billing and resourcing.

All three fit together at different stages throughout the order to fulfillment process. CRM provides customer information, CPQ gives sales teams the ability to upsell and cross sell easily, and ERP keeps billing simple.

Reduce risk and improve compliance

CPQ ERP integration improves accuracy for customers, as well as sales teams and management throughout your organisation. There’s a lot of risk attached to making errors, including losing business, damaging customer relationships, and becoming non-compliant.

Good governance includes accurate selling, consistency across proposals and quoting, as well as faster approvals.

Walpole Partnership’s consultants have delivered some of the largest and most successful CPQ systems in Europe and the Middle East, including CPQ ERP integrations. We focus 100% on CPQ, as well as ensuring our clients make the most of their existing ERP and CRM tools.

Download our free, in-depth e-book: The Complete Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Guide for Sales Professionals. Learn about how CPQ can beat your current sales challenges, how to choose the right system, and more about how to integrate your CRM or ERP with a CPQ system.

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