NSPB Implementation for Quell Therapeutics

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The NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) Team at Walpole Partnership has been busy working on numerous projects over the last year, one of which was for Quell Therapeutics, a pharmaceuticals company. 

The aim for Quell was to enhance their use of the NetSuite accounting package to support management reporting and decision-making processes. By linking NetSuite financial data directly into their forecast models, they automated the monthly update process and ensured that their forecast models always match their NetSuite accounting structure. 

Mark Fox, Quell’s Finance Director, said: “I was impressed with how quickly the implementation team understood our requirements and their flexibility of working as we tweaked the models and reports based upon experience. In addition, any changes were implemented very fast to ensure that our delivery milestones were met. Overall, the project was very successful in delivering the rolling forecasting and reporting system I had envisaged. Whilst we aren’t a complicated business, our approach to forecasting is different to many businesses and the Walpole team picked this up very quickly and were able to provide a model solution to fit our requirements.”

If you want to find out more about the NSPB tool, and see if it could benefit your organisation please visit our NSPB page for more information, or contact us for an exploratory call. 

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