If you are an existing Oracle Cloud CPQ user and you wish to stay aligned with the core Oracle Roadmap, then now is a perfect time to upgrade your system by implementing BOM (Bill of Materials) Mapping and System Configuration. The benefits of doing so are numerous as outlined here: Simplified UI (User Interface) requiring […]

Meet our new team member, Achal Meshram. Achal has started at Walpole Partnership in the role of CPQ Lead Developer, and is reporting to Pradeep Agrawal. Achal joins us to further strengthen our offshore development resource and has already added significant value to some of our key accounts. She has experience of working with numerous CPQ products, […]

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Walpole Partnership started working on NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) implementations in the second half of 2019. We are known for forming excellent working relationships, and the opportunity arose for us to utilise our wealth of experience in providing world-class consultancy services to expand our work to include the implementation of the NSPB tool. Our […]

Following our blog post entitled “With You Every Step of the Way”, which shares information about our 5 step plan that we guide our clients through, we’ve had multiple customers who have taken us up on our offer to guide them through their CPQ discovery process. We now want to outline the results of the […]

CPQ Webinar

We’re very pleased that Ingmar Hermans, Partner Consultant at Walpole Partnership, has been asked to speak at the inaugural webinar hosted by Oracle’s Digital Innovation Lab. Every month the Digital Innovation Lab is hosting a webinar that will bring experts together who will show and explain how digital transformation can change a business, and each […]

Customer Relationship Experience

Over the last few months we’ve devoted a great deal of time and energy to really understanding how to make cloud-based technology choices in the specific areas of Sales and Service Cloud, CPQ, Subscription Management and Billing. By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and our customers’ customers’ shoes, we are in a much stronger position of […]

Birthday Balloons

Walpole Partnership is 7 years old today! Hurray! As the world is slowly being unlocked from its lockdown, here in the UK we could go to the pub to celebrate our big day, but as we’re are geographically spread out across Europe we’ll settle for a celebratory Zoom instead!  How people have reacted to birthdays […]

We’re delighted to share that our ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate has been renewed for a further year in conjunction with ISO Quality Services Ltd (ISO QSL).  Data security is always at the heart of everything we do at Walpole Partnership, and the ISO 27001 System has provided a structure for managing information within the company, […]

An Explosion of CPQ Work

It’s true to say that there is a great deal of uncertainty around in the world at the current time, and much of this can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. But what is really interesting to observe is that since the initial shock of lockdown passed, we’ve seen an explosion of existing CPQ users […]

Walpole Partnership and Ben Consulting Services Logo

We’re really pleased to share that we have a new CPQ partner based in France. Ben Consulting Services is, like us, a CPQ specialist, and we share very similar values and aspirations. Our partnership enables our CPQ expertise to be more readily available in the French market, as our network of French speaking consultants has […]