We’ve been talking to many sales managers and business leaders lately and we realised there’s a consistent set of mistakes that are made when people are trying to improve their sales quoting process. We’ve condensed our findings into an easy to read summary. Click here to learn what we discovered, and our tips for how […]

Walpole Partnership today announced that it has been awarded its ISO27001 Information Security Certificate, in conjunction with QSL, ISO Quality Services Ltd. In so doing, Walpole Partnership is demonstrating their continued pursuit of excellence and commitment to establish themselves as a credible, reputable and ISO compliant organisation.

In parts One and Two of this 3-part series we posed the question of how CPQ design affects people in different business functions in different ways and we took a deeper look at some of the key communities who we must consider. Now let’s take a look at the most valuable people, and then well […]

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all good design must primarily serve people.” Thomas J. Watson

IT projects always include a design phase of a project. Why is it then that so many enterprise applications look like they were designed by someone intent on making their users’ lives as awkward as possible?

Walpole Partnership today announced that it has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By attaining Gold Level, Oracle has recognised Walpole Partnership for its commitment to establish Oracle related knowledge in delivering affordable, scalable software products and enterprise-class solutions, and for uniquely addressing the challenges of joint customers.

There are many vendors offering CPQ solutions and it can be hard to determine which will be the right fit for your organisation.

Walpole Partnership has announced it has become a Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). As one of Oracle’s specialised partners, Walpole Partnership can offer affordable, scalable software products and enterprise-class solutions. Being an OPN member will provide Walpole Partnership with the resources and knowledge to implement Oracle technology within its customer base more effectively […]

Have you heard about CPQ software? This powerful software can seriously help your business. Businesses from large to small are investing in CPQ software to expedite sales quoting to customers as well as making their internal pricing and product management functions more efficient.

News broke in March that one of the original founders of BigMachines, Godard Abel, has returned to CPQ with a $5m stake in Steelbrick.