We all know that there are huge advantages of installing CPQ systems, which include faster quotes and proposals, accurate orders, protected margins and simple compliance. Part one of this article explored the benefits of implementing a new CPQ solution one piece at a time and in part two we are going to suggest how as […]

When I look out of our office window I can see the London skyscraper known as The Shard. It’s an amazing building, and is currently the tallest building in the UK. Sometimes when I look at something so tall I wonder about the process of its creation and I find myself marvelling at how anyone […]

The recent UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Applications’ Journey to Cloud 2017 event, held on 8 March at the Holiday Inn Kensington, was a very enjoyable and brilliantly organised day. In addition to attending and listening to some of the impressive speakers, I had the privilege of presenting Walpole Partnership’s thoughts on Oracle CPQ Cloud, […]

Do you think that your CPQ system is working to its best potential? Do you feel like you could be getting more out of it so that it works better for your organisation? If you answer yes to either of those questions, then Walpole Partnership is here to help.

It’s not long until the UKOUG Applications Journey to Cloud 2017, and Walpole Partnerships MD, Andy Pieroux, is delighted to be presenting one of the sessions at the event.

Does your Oracle CPQ system have integration that depends on Webmethods or Cast Iron? If it does, you may be aware that at the end of March, Oracle CPQ Cloud (BigMachines) will no longer be supporting the integration connectors for this middleware, so your system will fail to work properly very soon. But do not […]

At this time of year, many are preoccupied with relationships and how we interact with others. To some un-enlightened people, the world of Enterprise IT, and sales process automation may not have such a romantic appeal, however, at Walpole Partnership we beg to differ. We truly believe that Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) software can […]

Are you interested in moving your business to the cloud? Are you keen to explore cloud-based technology and all that it has to offer before taking those initial steps?

The real growth in the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market is in cloud-based solutions, and Oracle predicts that there will be three trends expected to influence the CPQ market in 2017. These key trends are likely to be heightened customer expectations, digital commerce disruption and mobile growth.

Now that the last of the turkey has been eaten, it’s time to turn our attention to what 2017 holds. Walpole Partnership had a really successful 2016 and we’ve made some resolutions for the coming year (which will definitely last longer than our healthy eating regimes.)