CPQ Webinar

We’re very pleased that Ingmar Hermans, Partner Consultant at Walpole Partnership, has been asked to speak at the inaugural webinar hosted by Oracle’s Digital Innovation Lab. Every month the Digital Innovation Lab is hosting a webinar that will bring experts together who will show and explain how digital transformation can change a business, and each […]

Customer Relationship Experience

Over the last few months we’ve devoted a great deal of time and energy to really understanding how to make cloud-based technology choices in the specific areas of Sales and Service Cloud, CPQ, Subscription Management and Billing. By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and our customers’ customers’ shoes, we are in a much stronger position of […]

Birthday Balloons

Walpole Partnership is 7 years old today! Hurray! As the world is slowly being unlocked from its lockdown, here in the UK we could go to the pub to celebrate our big day, but as we’re are geographically spread out across Europe we’ll settle for a celebratory Zoom instead!  How people have reacted to birthdays […]

We’re delighted to share that our ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate has been renewed for a further year in conjunction with ISO Quality Services Ltd (ISO QSL).  Data security is always at the heart of everything we do at Walpole Partnership, and the ISO 27001 System has provided a structure for managing information within the company, […]

An Explosion of CPQ Work

It’s true to say that there is a great deal of uncertainty around in the world at the current time, and much of this can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. But what is really interesting to observe is that since the initial shock of lockdown passed, we’ve seen an explosion of existing CPQ users […]

Walpole Partnership and Ben Consulting Services Logo

We’re really pleased to share that we have a new CPQ partner based in France. Ben Consulting Services is, like us, a CPQ specialist, and we share very similar values and aspirations. Our partnership enables our CPQ expertise to be more readily available in the French market, as our network of French speaking consultants has […]

Oracle Subscription Management Cloud

With Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Subscription Management Cloud (SMC) integration expertise, Walpole Partnership is uniquely positioned to help organisations embrace subscription business models by supporting end-to-end business processes from quote to cash. It’s also possible for companies to operate hybrid product and service/subscription business models on the same platform. Integrating Oracle CPQ and SMC […]

BOM Mapping

As an existing Oracle CPQ user, if you haven’t taken active steps to stay on the Oracle Roadmap, then now’s the time to programme your GPS to get there faster. BOM Mapping and Sys Config addresses CPQ system performance on three levels. It tackles the number of hits on the database, allows sharing of configurable […]

CPQ Project Work in France

The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) project work that we are carrying out for one of our customers in France is accelerating quickly despite lockdown. We are very pleased to share that we are continuing to implement CPQ for our big-brand client, a graphic communications global industrial manufacturing company, and we are busy integrating the full functionality […]

CPQ Content

We’re just checking in with you all ahead of the weekend, which, depending on where you are in the world or what job you do, might be a longer one. We don’t know about you, but we’re getting quite a few emails in our inboxes since the rise of Covid 19 and the change in […]