I often read marketing copy for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions that summarises the many benefits that they can bring to an organisation. I’ll generally read something like “Sell Faster”, “Eliminate Errors”, “Close Deals Quickly” or “Improve Margins”. We’re guilty of it too – the headline of this website reads “Sell more, Sell Faster with […]

Walpole Partnership announced today that it has secured the rights to sell licenses for Oracle CPQ Cloud.

We’re very excited to be working on a new project in France, helping another 1Bn company in the industrial sector reap the many benefits of Oracle CPQ Cloud.

We recently spent a very enlightening morning at the Oracle office in Utrecht, Netherlands where our team helped to deliver a workshop on the latest applied thinking in the Customer Experience (CX) space – Goodwill Differentiated Services (GDS).

In light of the recent WannaCry ransomware hack, it’s worth considering how we can preserve valuable data and protect our often mission-critical processes relating to pricing and deal construction. For an organisation that trades daily, or works on deals, quotes and orders daily, a system lock out can be disastrous – repercussions can range from […]

As organisations grow, inevitably systems and processes are needed to keep things efficient and to scale up. In some companies, organisational growth can be slow and progressive over many years with processes evolving naturally, which can result in the development of good, steady systems. In other companies the rate of growth is far higher, fuelled […]

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a runner who’d finished the London Marathon last week. His finishing time was 2 hours 38 minutes, which is a seriously fast time. Many years ago I ran the same race and finished in a slightly more humble 4 hours 51 minutes. It’s still an achievement of […]

One of the repeating themes I’ve seen when looking at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) implementations, is the stark contract between management expectations of the systems and the usage of them by the sales teams. It reminds me of a wonderful article on leadership (through a pleasing parenting analogy) that I […]

Read this insightful blog post from Oracles Content and Marketing Strategist, Hilary Smith, on the three main takeaways from Forresters CPQ Wave.

Breaking news (as if you could forget) the long Easter weekend is almost upon us, which is great news!