We’re very pleased to announce that our CPQ Solution Architect, Pradeep Agrawal, has recently relocated to the UK.

A Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution gives sales teams the tools to sell more, and sell faster. CPQ functionality can transform disjointed sales channels, boost win rates, and improve margins dramatically when used to its full potential. Here are 9 ways a CPQ solution can grow revenue and help your sales team exceed their targets:

Implementing a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system can have massive benefits for a company that is using an old CRM solution or even spreadsheets to manage their sales. If you've decided that your organisation could profit from a CPQ system, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the choice of CPQ vendors there are to choose from. Which [...]

If you’ve been running a CRM solution, or even managing sales on an old-fashioned spreadsheet, its likely you’re looking for a smarter, faster, and more reliable way to do things. As your business continues to evolve and grow, your sales solutions need to keep up with the changes.

A project were excited to be working on at the moment is based in Sweden. We’re helping an enterprise company in the Financial Services sector gain the many benefits of implementing a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Cloud solution. As the project progresses, we’ll share more, but its safe to say that were enjoying working with […]

We love Graham McInnes’ post on the Oracle SMB Blog, whichever side of his brain it came from! This blend of two different schools of thought is one of the many reasons we love CPQ here at Walpole Partnership. The way it brings together different functions and mindsets is what makes an implementation interesting and […]

Walpole Partnership is delighted to be nominated for the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Partner of the Year Awards for the third year running. The awards take place in October, and you have until 9am on September 10, 2018 to cast your vote.

Great to see our friends in SparCX delivering some great webinars on CX topics, for Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. We’ll be adding CPQ into the mix in the near future so stay tuned for dates, but in the meantime check out the great ideas and advice from our partners BPI OnDemand and Engagement Factory.

Walpole Partnership is pleased to announce the renewal of their ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate for a further year in conjunction with QSL ISO Quality Services Ltd. By renewing their certificate, Walpole Partnership is demonstrating their continued pursuit of excellence and commitment as a credible, reputable and ISO compliant organisation.

Check out this great article from Brian Friedman posted on the Oracle SMB Business Blog recently. The applicability of professional CPQ solutions like Oracle CPQ Cloud to the SMB market is vastly underrated. With integrations unlocking the power of joined up systems, it can be a great investment, and often younger or smaller organisations don’t have […]