New Year’s Resolutions

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Were back after a lovely break and are ready to start the new year! But before we do, were going to take a moment to look forward and contemplate what we hope 2018 will hold and share this with you.

The new year is a great time to recalibrate plans, and just as we did last year, weve made some new years resolutions for our business (and if you want to see how we did last year, then check back to our retrospective of 2017 that we posted just before Christmas).

So what are we aiming to achieve in 2018?

Well we certainly wont deviate too far from our core focus of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).We believe that specialisation gives our customers and partners the best results, and it allows us to be the best at what we do.

Our main business goal for 2018 is to spread our influence and grow our business. We aim to deliver the benefits of CPQ into new geographies, and our recent appointment of Antoine Jansen to cover the ECE and MEA regions should allow us to do just that. New verticals are opening up for CPQ too, so we plan to help customers outside of the traditional CPQ heartlands of Hi-Tech, Manufacturing and Telecoms to understand how they too can benefit.

Well need to expand our team further to cope with demand, so expect to hear of new appointments throughout the year.As ever, well only recruit the best and most experienced CPQ people to maintain our reputation and results.

Our client-focused goal is simple.We love to solve problems for others.This year well be focusing on making this crystal clear with new demonstrations and new packaged vertical solutions. We also aim to spread our knowledge further, through formal client training as well as open forums where we can help the CPQ community and solve problems with them.

A key deliverable in the way we can help clients in new ways is the launch of CPQ as a service early in 2018.We aim to provide a fully managed service for select clients. This should involve no upfront implementation costs and a partnership approach that will let them focus on their core business, knowing their sales quoting process and pricing is taken care of.

Finally, we are renewing our commitment to supporting charities that have meaning to our teams.We plan to continue to support Cancer Research and Kids In Sport and this year we are pledging 1% of our turnover to support these and other great causes.

It’s another exciting year of growth ahead for us which we know will mean great results for our clients. We cant wait to get going!

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