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Oracle Subscription Management Cloud

With Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Subscription Management Cloud (SMC) integration expertise, Walpole Partnership is uniquely positioned to help organisations embrace subscription business models by supporting end-to-end business processes from quote to cash. It’s also possible for companies to operate hybrid product and service/subscription business models on the same platform.

Integrating Oracle CPQ and SMC provides a combined solution for customers to generate and manage products and services using a subscription model. The subscription model supports the facility to manage a given product or service as a recurring or usage-based price item, opening up a world of new sales opportunities. 

The main highlights of Subscription Management Cloud, are that it:

  • Enables organisations to build predictable, recurring revenue models
  • Coordinates recurring orders and associated activities
  • Initiates and automates billing
  • Interprets subscriber activity and intent with strong analytics so that the business can appropriately respond
  • Supports recurring customer relationships

The much talked about ‘End of Ownership’ is upon us. We’re in a new era and companies are selling their products as subscription services and the way customers purchase products has changed forever.

In the current marketplace, the number of choices available for customers is infinite which often makes buying decisions very difficult, and the seller needs to ensure that a significant level of engagement with the customer takes place.

Customers want to be at the centre of the seller’s world, and expect instant gratification and fulfilment, which means a consistent and connected experience that is not only personalised but also dynamically driven, based on when and where they are engaging. Customers also desire full ‘usage-based’ value from goods and services, with the greatest efficiency and the least pain. 

By integrating and implementing Oracle CPQ Cloud and SMC, those new business model innovations can be achieved, and recurring customer relationships can generate additional revenue from goods and services. SMC integrates front and back office processes on one highly efficient platform which has the potential to shape your business for the future. 

If you would like to see a demonstration of Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Subscription Management Cloud, please contact us

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