Key Takeaways from Forrester’s CPQ Wave

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Read this insightful blog post from Oracles Content and Marketing Strategist, Hilary Smith, on the three main takeaways from Forresters CPQ Wave.

Here at Walpole Partnership, we are in agreement with the three points that this post draws out of this recent report. We would also like to suggest an additional fourth key takeaway too.

We believe that a focus on integrating with a wide array of enterprise systems is also of vital importance, as this helps keep technology future-proofed. We see customers where the IT landscape of CRM, ERP or other integrated solutions needs to change. If the CPQ element is not tied to a specific vendor, it means it can be decoupled and re-integrated to a new system. This gives the flexibility to work with the best-in-class systems for all components of business processes, now and in the future.

What do you think do you think there should be just three key takeaways from the report, or do you think we’ve argued a case for a fourth?

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