ISO 27001 Information Security – Recertification

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We have been successfully audited, and have, once again, been awarded our ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate in conjunction with ISO Quality Services Ltd.

By renewing our certificate and going through the necessary processes, we are demonstrating our continued pursuit of excellence and commitment as a credible, reputable and ISO compliant organisation.

ISO QSL’s Lead Assessor, Naina Chouhan, said, “It’s always a pleasure auditing Walpole Partnership. Not only do they improve their compliance to ISO 27001 year on year, but they also demonstrate how it’s been embedded in the company’s everyday business.”

Our ISO QSL Account Manager, Rhiannon Lewcock, added, “I have worked with Walpole Partnership for four years, and during that time, not only have they never cancelled an audit, but they have always been very pro-active when it comes to their ISO certification. Hayley is a pleasure to work with, and she and the rest of the team are always working hard to continually improve their management systems. I am very proud to be their account manager and am excited to watch their company grow even more!”

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, said, “I’m proud that we’re renewing our commitment to ISO 27001 for the 7th year running. By keeping our focus on the data security requirements of our clients and partners, it’s really helped us through the changing business landscape. It’s also good to see the compounding effects of continued long term focus – every year we are building on more solid foundations.”

Find out how ISO 27001 certification helps our business.

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