ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate Renewal

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Walpole Partnership Ltd is delighted to announce the renewal of their ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate for a further year in conjunction with ISO Quality Services Ltd. By renewing their certification, Walpole Partnership Ltd is demonstrating the company’s commitment to enhanced security of all its data, as well as the importance it places on being an ISO certified organisation.

Lisa Zevi, Operations Director of Walpole Partnership Ltd said, “Adherence to the ISO 27001 standard is at the heart of our approach to data security. I am delighted to have our certification renewed for a further year and to be able to continue to assure all our customers that the security of their data is taken very seriously by our whole team.”

About Walpole Partnership

Walpole Partnership provides expert consultancy to help your company implement a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system. We ensure that the organisations we work with are able to realise the full benefits of their investment in CPQ.

The team at Walpole Partnership have worked on CPQ deployments of all sizes, from small businesses to blue-chip corporations, in many different industries and with all the major providers of CPQ solutions.

Walpole Partnership helps you gain value from your investment, by sharing best practices that will benefit your organisation. We help you avoid costly mistakes, now and in the future, because we are experts in CPQ.

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About ISO Quality Services Ltd

ISO Quality Services Ltd is an independent organisation that specialises in the implementation, certification and continued auditing of ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

They are one of the UK’s leading total solutions providers and have adopted a simple, cost effective and no nonsense route to BS EN ISO certification since May 2000. They work with a variety of clients including small start-ups to large international multimillion turnover companies.

By running a strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard itself, the company is subject to on-going auditing via an external body and therefore always looks to achieve continuous improvement.

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