ISO 27001 Information Security – 2022 Recertification

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ISO 27001 2023 recertification

For the 8th year running, Walpole Partnership’s ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate has been renewed in conjunction with ISO Quality Services Ltd (ISO QSL).

The ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a way that we can control risk to our business, so that our systems, technology, data and reputation remain intact. 

By gaining ISO 27001 recertification on an annual basis means that we take a holistic view of the data security risks that can affect Walpole Partnership very regularly, and that is of great benefit to us and to our customers. 

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux said, “It’s great to hear that we’ve gained our ISO 27001 certification again. Data security is always on our agenda at Walpole Partnership, and I would like to thank Hayley McDonald for working so tirelessly on this at our end, and to Rick Allard, with the support of Jennifer Appleton’s great team led by Rhiannon Lewcock at ISO QSL, who make the process so seamless.”

Find out more about Data Security at Walpole Partnership.

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