How to retire Legacy UI for Oracle CPQ Cloud

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How to retire Legacy UI for Oracle CPQ Cloud

The Oracle CPQ Product Group has announced removal of Legacy Commerce Transaction UI (user interface) from 22C release for both Commerce and Configuration. This may impact your business if you are still using Legacy UI for Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Oracle has introduced JET Responsive Ul and customers are already experiencing the many benefits of this new UI. Walpole Partnership is focusing its implementation and integration efforts on enhancing the JET Responsive Ul to improve the overall Oracle CPQ Cloud user experience.

If your Oracle CPQ implementation still uses Legacy Commerce UI, it’s essential for you to act now to ensure a smooth transition to the new Jet Responsive UI. Walpole Partnership can help with the required expertise to make this move within the next 6 months. Don’t delay, contact us to complete this transition successfully.

For more information, see the Oracle CPQ 22A release notes.

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