How Much of Your Job Do You Love?

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Recently the Walpole Partnership team took part in the first of a series of Talent Dynamics sessions run by Lisa Zevi from REAL Business Builders. The session we had with Lisa was so enlightening for each of us personally, and for us as a group, that we’ve asked her to guest post on our blog this month and to share a little bit about what Talent Dynamics is, why she loves doing what she does, and what she believes it brings to individuals and teams.

How Much of Your Job Do You Love?

Do you believe that for every single task there is a person who enjoys and is good at doing it?

Most jobs have elements that we dislike or find energy-sapping. We tell ourselves that its just part of how the world works that we cant have the good bits without the bad. But how would it be if your role really was designed around playing to your strengths? If your team was set up to enable each person to shine.

There have been many research projects, articles published and fierce debates around productivity in the workplace and how to improve it. Most of us aren’t particularly surprised to hear that productivity is low in most companies. And yet companies spend a fortune every year on encouraging people to improve on their weaknesses, rather than finding ways to use the talents and skills that they have. When I ask my business owner clients how productive they think their teams are it always leads to an interesting conversation. You’re paying peoples salaries or hourly rates anyway so why wouldn’t you want to try and get the most from them? And if you could do that in a way that enabled them to be happier and more engaged at work then everybody wins.

Why is it that a networking event can make some people feel energised, connected and alive whilst making others feel deeply uncomfortable and absolutely exhausted? How can one person enjoy sitting for hours in front of a detailed spreadsheet, happily in the zone whilst someone else would be wanting to stick needles in their eyes? Have you ever noticed the tension when one person is trying to move quicker than their colleagues are comfortable with? They might get impatient, frustrated and angry, leaving their team mates confused and upset.

At REAL Business Builders we use Talent Dynamics, a personality profiling tool, to start a process with our clients and their teams towards improved awareness and productivity. Understanding how you and your team mates are wired, what gives you energy and what drains you, is a great way to start figuring out who could be doing what to increase trust and engagement.

I had the pleasure of running a Teaming Up session with the Walpole team a few weeks ago and as usual it sparked unexpected insights into how different people see the world and how we could work more productively together. One person told me “I learned more about myself in the last two hours, then in the last 10 years.” another asked if I could profile their family members, and all team members felt that the session would significantly improve the way they worked with their colleagues.

Profiling tools have a mixed reputation due to misuse by unscrupulous practitioners. When these tools are used to disqualify candidates during a recruitment process or presented as a quick fix for conflict situations, people become more cynical about their application.

For me and the teams I work with, Talent Dynamics is the start of the process. Understanding what makes you and others tick is the beginning of a process that can lead to a positive realignment of roles, improved retention of people and ultimately enabling people to play to their strengths. It helps me encourage people to have much-needed conversations they wouldn’t otherwise have and get in touch with what really makes them want to get up in the morning. For business owners this means maximising the investment they make in their people and knowing that their business is being built on firm foundations.

The Walpole team are on an exciting journey as the business grows and I look forward to supporting them as they move forward.

Lisa Zevi is the founder of REAL Business Builders. Lisa can help you build productive, energised teams who understand and trust each other. By working with her,you will get more out of your existing people and be able to form a strong management team to take your business up to the next level. Schedule a free call with Lisa to discuss how a Teaming Up workshop could transform your team.

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