How Committed is Your CPQ Vendor?

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fistbump_for_blogThe last time we ever doubted Oracle’s commitment to Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology was back in early 2014, straight after the BigMachines acquisition. Once it was clear that the platform was becoming an integral part of Oracle’s CX strategy, and we saw the tremendous amount of resources that were being deployed to ensure the long term success of the product, we knew we could stick with Oracle and the new CPQ Cloud product.

Seeing the way Oracle ‘eat their own dog-food’ and use CPQ Cloud on a global scale internally reinforces that in the best possible way, as of course does the response we get from our customers when we implement solutions on the Oracle CPQ platform.

We’ve been working with BigMachines and Oracle since 2010 and it’s clear the future is brighter than ever!

If you are interested in seeing how Walpole Partnership can help your company implement an Oracle CPQ system, please book a free 90-minute consultation with one of our experts.

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