Hopes and aspirations for 2023

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Walpole Partnership 2023

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023! We hope you are returning to work refreshed, hopefully after some sort of break over the festive period, and ready to tackle what the next 12 months has in store! 

Usually, we post at this time sharing what our company’s goals and ambitions are for the year ahead. But that’s quite top-level stuff, and we wanted to break it down a bit and get under the skin of what starting a new year at Walpole Partnership means to some of our employees. So, we’ve asked 5 of our team members to share their hopes and aspirations, both professional and personal, for 2023! We hope you enjoy reading….

Cassa Khan

Professionally, I hope to continue to make a positive impact to Walpole’s sales and customer engagement processes. Having laid the foundations of a solid Sales approach in 2022, 2023 will be the year to leverage all the hard work from the team and convert that into a sustainable sales model to enable the continued growth of the business. I hope to continue to strive to manage our prospective customers in a professional and transparent manner within the solid values that Walpole stand by of straightforward integrity, positive partnerships, efficient expertise and progressive agility. 

Personally, my main aspiration in 2023 is to kick start my healthy habits that have been badly neglected since the start of COVID. That includes starting to eat ‘clean’ again whilst still enjoying the occasional treat – good quality chocolate is my weak spot! Going hand in hand with this is to up my exercising game this year. I have no excuse living in such a wonderful city as Dubai with all its outdoor activities such as swimming and cycling, and I also need to continue my regular games of Padel and rounds of golf. I also intend to get some more travelling under my belt, I’m keen to go to Bali and Indonesia!! Continuing to support my two teenage sons in their sporting, personal and educational journeys is also important for me in 2023. Finally, all of the above should be pre-fixed by Insha’Allah (God Willing). 

Jenna Arkwright 

In 2023, my professional hopes and aspirations are to:

  • Continue to build on the last 12 months since I joined Walpole
  • See through the delivery of the end-to-end CPQ implementation for my primary customer (a 12-month programme of work)
  • Explore development opportunities within Walpole, enabling me to draw from previous experience as well as developing new skills, potentially focusing on supporting and developing others

In 2023, my personal hopes and aspirations are to:

  • Get back running! I haven’t run since the lockdowns of the pandemic and I regret not keeping with it
  • Create a vegetable patch!  We covered over ours when we developed the garden but I really miss having one so this needs to be done
  • Slow down!  I need to take on less and focus on being more attentive to my family

Davy Donders

My professional hopes and aspirations for 2023 lie mainly in further developing my role within Program Management for our customers and I want to help them choose the right technology, approach, planning, team, etc. Furthermore, I’m keen to continue working on the path I have embarked on to help Walpole Partnership achieve that double-digit growth. As a team, I hope we can add many more great new logos to our customer portfolio and that our existing customers will continue to be our happy ambassadors.

My personal hopes and aspirations are that our entire Walpole team may remain healthy, along with our family and friends. 2023 will also be a year of personal challenges in the Donders’ family. My eldest daughter is doing her first year of Nursing and in May, I will take up the parental task of teaching my youngest daughter to drive a car. In terms of sports, it will be impossible to top 2022. However, the ladies’ volleyball team I coach – Lizards Lubbeek-Leuven –  are well on the way. We did not lose a single game in season 2021-2022 and we thus celebrated the championship and won the Cup of Flemish Brabant, and we still have not lost a single game in the new season either and are in the quarterfinals of both the Cup of Flemish Brabant and the Inter Federal Cup of Belgium! We are now unbeaten in 44 consecutive matches with stakes and take a group picture after every game – all ‘winfies’ till now. We know there will come a ‘loosefie’ eventually… but just not yet. We’ve made a nice overview of our last season for those who are interested, so do check it out.

Achal Meshram

My professional hopes and aspirations for 2023 are to learn the skills so I have a better understanding of business and requirement gathering and to improve my efficiency as Solution/Technical Architect.

My personal hopes and aspirations for 2023 are to adopt better and healthier habits in 2023 so I can lead a more productive and healthy life.

Ian Jenkins

Professional hopes and aspirations for 2023 are to:

  • Continue to grow Walpole Partnership in a sustainable and profitable manner
  • Enhance and refresh my personal skillset and that of our Delivery function to ensure our standards remain high
  • Continue to surpass the expectations of our customers with timely delivery against our commitments
  • Lead by example to encourage our team(s) to strive for high quality in an honest, transparent and flexible manner
  • Ensure we continue to make Walpole Partnership a great place to work supporting a positive work/life balance

Personal hopes and aspirations for 2023 are to:

  • Support my youngest through her important school exams
  • Endeavour to stay fit (mentally at least!) and keep my family as healthy as possible
  • Enjoy more quality time outside, at gigs, on holiday and a bit less time in front of my desk
  • Enjoy my golfing debut in Vilamoura and see some of Scotland’s finest golf locations again
  • Have a second lifetime hole-in-one – it’s been 38 years since the last one!

If you want to find out the job roles of any of the employees mentioned above or want to know more about them, then head over to our Team page

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