Hello from Walpole Partnership

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Hello from Walpole Partnership
Hello from Walpole Partnership

We just wanted to say a quick ‘hello’ to all our contacts, friends and followers. This is no April Fool, the Walpole Partnership team are still hard at work on CPQ projects. We’re used to working remotely, so we’re managing to carry out the CPQ workshops that we had scheduled, and we’re also able to continue the development work on all our other CPQ projects. And believe it or not, we’re even finding the time to speak to some potential new clients! New enquiries weren’t something that we were expecting just at the moment, but we’re very much open for business.

We know that these are unprecedented and uncertain times, and like everyone else, we’re on a sharp learning curve and are quickly adapting to the ever-changing new norm. Please remember that Walpole Partnership is here to help with any CPQ questions or needs throughout this period, as always.

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